• Office Visit - $35

• Full Mouth Scan, Exam & Estimate $59

• X-Rays (Single Film) - $22

• Bite Wings - $30

• Duplicate X-Rays (BW) - $22

• Duplicate X-Rays (Pano) - $40

• Cleaning - $59
Add Anesthetic To Cleaning - $15

• Fluoride Varnish - $25

• FL Swish - $15

• PSE - $59

• RPC - $169

• Denture Cleaning (Each) - $35

• Selants - $35

When bacteria sits on teeth, it tends to wreak havoc on the protective layers of our teeth. As bacteria grows and multiplies it emits acids. These dangerous acids sit on the enamel layer of your teeth and destroy it. If not removed, it will continue to eat away your teeth. If the cavity (bacteria) is caught early enough, it can be removed by your dentist. When bacteria is removed the area of contamination will be cleaned, prepped and then filled with a tooth colored filling. Value Dental Care does NOT use the controversial metal or “Amalgam” fillings. Often these fillings are made of metal alloys thus having the same properties of metal. They expand and contract with hot and cold temperatures. When a metal filling expands and contracts thousands and thousands of times during it’s lifetime (think of how many times you eat hot and cold), they tend to act as a wedge and break the tooth. A filling is designed to seal a tooth and to eliminate bacteria from entering it. The constant expanding and contracting usually breaks the seal between the filling and the tooth. Bacteria then enters through the broken seal and can easily enter the nerve chamber of your tooth. Having regular check ups every 6 months will allow your Dentist to catch any tooth decay early and in some cases the decay can be reversed if caught early enough.

• Porcelain fused to Zirconia (All white crown) - $639
Our standard for single unit and multi-unit bridge applications These crowns offer beautiful anterior cosmetic restorations, as well a strong posterior function Never see that "grey line" by the gum line often noticeable in tradition metal and porcelain crowns.

• Gold (fullcast) - Call lab for pricing

• Precision Crown PFM - $750
Precision crowns are used in conjunction with our highly cosmetic removable partials to give patients the function of a removable prosthesis while not having to worry about the visual presence of tradition clasps wrapping around teeth Come in today for a free consultation!

• Re-Cement Crown - $45

• Recement bridge (2 abutments) - $75
Additional $20 per unit

• Core Build up (D2950) - $150
Add $15 for post build up

• Anterior RCT - $620

• Bicuspid - $690

• Molar Rct - $905

• Retreat Rct - $1,095

• Pulpotomy (Adult) - $79

• Extraction - $175
Starting at $175

• Ext (Wisdom) - $250

• Alveoplasty - $100
Done on site in most cases, call for consultation today!
New choice

• Tori Removal - $400

• Section Bridge - $50